Animal House (1978)

This piece was produced for the UK cinema quad of ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’ (78) – I do not know the artist.

It is the original artwork and an amazing piece, produced in several layers, all in superb condition. The top layer is an acetate, with an overlay of breaking glass from a picture frame. The second layer is the picture frame itself. The third layer is the picture within the frame, of the students in the fraternity.

The artwork is approximately quad size and produced on board.

Animal House - Original Artwork

Please note that this is not mine (if only!), it comes from a friends personal collection and I thought i’d share. In my opinion this is far too lovely to be sitting inside some box. He’s also currently listening to offers of over £350 for it.

Another simply stunning piece.

One thought on “Animal House (1978)

  1. Matt

    I would be interested if your friend is still thinking of selling. Ask your friend to email me if he wants.


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