Bottom 10 Movies of 2013

I am fortunate each year to avoid bad movie experiences, and am always very careful with what content I allow my eyes and ears to soak up. I guess having a huge watch-list means I am never short of solid options, but some will always catch me off guard.
Like last year, I actually struggled to compile 10 movies for this list, and so Percy Jackson was a late addition, but one I did not really enjoy, despite being a huge fan of the first. I guess you could call this a bottom 9 list.

I was roped into catching the Metallica ‘film’ at Fantastic Fest, believing it had some sort of narrative. It did not. It’s a Metallica concert video, nothing more. I fell asleep five times during this shower of shit, constantly fighting the urge to rest my head on Eric Vespe’s shoulder throughout. Can I even class it as a movie? Maybe the worst experience is better. I am doing so anyway.
And I so wanted either Septic Man or Evil Dead to remain at the number 1 spot too…

I only wish I had the time or effort to go into each selection with greater detail.

1: Metallica Through the Never
2: Septic Man
3: Evil Dead
4: Machete Kills
5: The Bling Ring
6: John Dies at the End
7: The Internship
8: Zero Theorem
9: The Congress
10: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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