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Bottom 10 Movies of 2013

I am fortunate each year to avoid bad movie experiences, and am always very careful with what content I allow my eyes and ears to soak up. I guess having a huge watch-list means I am never short of solid options, but some will always catch me off guard.
Like last year, I actually struggled to compile 10 movies for this list, and so Percy Jackson was a late addition, but one I did not really enjoy, despite being a huge fan of the first. I guess you could call this a bottom 9 list.

I was roped into catching the Metallica ‘film’ at Fantastic Fest, believing it had some sort of narrative. It did not. It’s a Metallica concert video, nothing more. I fell asleep five times during this shower of shit, constantly fighting the urge to rest my head on Eric Vespe’s shoulder throughout. Can I even class it as a movie? Maybe the worst experience is better. I am doing so anyway.
And I so wanted either Septic Man or Evil Dead to remain at the number 1 spot too…

I only wish I had the time or effort to go into each selection with greater detail.
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Top 25 Older Movies Seen For The First Time in 2012

With the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Erin, in mid March, watching movies on a regular basis like in previous years has become something of a dream for me. Having said that, I still managed to cram in well over 200 movies in 2012, half of which were older ones seen for the first time.

Here are the best of the best of the best:


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Top 10 Movies of 2012

Another year, another list. Please bear in mind that this year’s list has been compiled with some pretty big names missing. I am yet to see such material like; Argo. Cloud Atlas. Wreck it Ralph. The Hobbit (although I doubt that would make it anyway). Shame. Berberian Sound Studio. The Life of Pi. Sightseers. Amour. Silver Linings Playbook. Skyfall.
A few of those may make it on to next year’s list though due to UK release dates.

I have a feeling that 2013 will be heavily influenced by my trip to Fantastic Fest.


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Bottom 10 Movies of 2012

I’ll admit it, I was struggling to find 10 movies this year as it hasn’t been a bad year. I also haven’t got around, or maybe won’t ever get around to seeing films like Keith Lemon: Movie, Rock of Ages or ATM – films that have been appearing on other lists from friends.

Jack and Jill would be my number 1 choice but it’s far too obvious, as I expect nothing less from a Sandler production, so with that in mind…


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Bottom 10 Movies of 2011

With every top 10 list comes a bottom 10. I’ve seen some really awful movies this year but thankfully not many of them have been released in 2011, which made the task of finding 10 movies quite difficult for me. Most were decent, far from awful, but these few were truly terrible.
A few on the list are present because of expectation more than anything else, some directors should know better.

Bottom 10 Movies of 2011

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