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My Top 100 Favourite Movies (By Decade)

When casting your eyes over the many films listed, please bear in mind the fact that I am only 25 years old, and still have a very long list of classic films to work my way through. It’s also worth pointing out that I have yet to see any of The Godfather films, which will explain their absence from the list. I also apologise for this bold confession, as it will no doubt shock a few of you. As long as you wonderful people keep helping me get through the list via #RandomMovie, i’m sure I will alter this list alot.

I have tried to create my list in a very similar style to Rupert’s, where the films mentioned are just the ones that I hold most dear. They will not all be cinematic triumphs.

My Top 100 Favourite Movies (By Decade)(Picture taken inside the now closed Rocket Video, LA)

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