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Storage Issue

After moving my collection at the end of January 2011, to make way for our new arrival, I had planned to curb my collecting habits. With the storage area that I had allocated, a large alcove in our bedroom, it was hoped that the collection could stay here until we moved into a bigger place.
This however did not happen and the tapes kept pouring in, with new material landing in my lap on a regular basis. It got so bad that I had to ‘downsize’ my collection, disposing of the more mainstream smaller cased sell thru tapes that been lining my attic for a good few years. I had held on to them for some time but I needed the space.


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My VHS Collection on PAUSE

I have been collecting VHS tapes since the age of 13, now 27, and i’ve gathered together a collection of well over 2,500 tapes. As most of you are aware, i’m a lover of post-certs more than pre but that’s largely down to my age, although i’m more about the movies themselves rather than their rarity or value.

My wife is due to give birth to our first child in March and as such my VHS library has to go into storage until such time as we can move into a bigger place.
Here are a few pics of my collection (as of end 2011):

My VHS Collection on PAUSE

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Reversible Sleeves

This is something that I have been meaning to discuss for quite some time now…

As a VHS lover, I love nothing more than to rummage through the odd charity shop and car boot sale looking for classic VHS tapes in their original boxes.
After each weekly haul I would have a good sort through and clean up my purchases, and every once in a while I would come across a tape (mostly ex-rental) that had an alternative cover on the reverse. To non-VHS loving people out there, this would be the equivalent of finding a crisp £50 note inside your weekly payslip.

Medusa were probably the biggest players in this reversible market, but other labels such as Guild  and CBS/FOX were also in on the act. I must own a hundred or so with double sided sleeves.

Alternative VHS Covers

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