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The Warriors: An Obsession

Back in 1998 (me being 13), my Dad sat me down and told me about a film that would go on to change my life forever. The film was The Warriors, a true cult favourite among most movie lovers.

The first thing my Dad told me about it was that it was one of the first films he and my Mom ever went to the see at the pictures. My dad was 21 when the film came out and my Mom about 16. As they stepped up to collect their tickets, my Mom was turned away for not being old enough. My Dad, ever the gent decided to go ahead with his ticket and told my Mom to take the bus home as it was a film he wasn’t prepared to miss out on. My Mom, still to this day argues that the film was ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’, but it’s such a great story that I have to believe my Dad on that one.

The Warriors: An Obsession

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