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Film-Within-A-Film Double-bill

I feel honoured to have been approached by the wonderful people at Flatpack Festival to be a part of this year’s festival, and quite obviously agreed to take part.

As with any of my screenings, I usually aim to do VHS only titles, but with the DVD of Popcorn being pretty much a VHS transfer (Blu is on its way), I figured i’d be fine to select that one. And i’m just a huge fan of the movie in general. Anguish was the readily available title that I do like to throw in with double-billings and all-nighters. Something slightly obscure that people generally overlook.
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The VHS Horror All-nighter

The VHS Horror All-nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema, London.

After the mildly successful VHS all-nighter in late July, I was this time offered a second opportunity to unleash some magnetic mayhem on a crowd, but with the films all being of a horror nature this time. Like always, there are certain limitations to the selection, but this is never a problem.

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The VivaVHS vs. The Good Bad Movie Club VHS All-nighter

The VivaVHS vs. The Good Bad Movie Club VHS All-nighter – The Prince Charles Cinema, London.

My good friend Paul, who is the programmer for The PCC, and also runs The Good Bad Movie Club, asked me to join him in an epic battle of the grain. Three selections of his, versus three of mine, head-to-head in a night long duel of sleaze and cheese. The only thing I wanted to nail down, was to make sure that all selections were not available on DVD or Blu, thus hopefully creating more appeal for the event.

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Never Too Young To Die – The Electric Cinema, Birmingham

Following on from last year’s screening of The Burning, I was once again invited to present another tape viewing at this year’s Shock & Gore Festival at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham.

With my selection being restricted to ‘Video Nasties’ last year, I was over the moon to get free rein for this one. I immediately drew up a list of around 15 titles, with the aim of restricting them to movies currently unavailable on DVD and Blu. Luckily, my first choice on the list was chosen and confirmed – Never Too Young to Die (’86).Shock and GoreTicketsDetails Continue reading