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Pegasus Home Video

It is no great secret that Medusa are far and away my favourite video label, but upon researching the wonderful history of Medusa I uncovered many new layers to the famous company. As well as releasing hundreds of titles over a period spanning 20 years or more, there was also the odd off-shoot label too. These sub labels included New Dimension and Pegasus Home Video, the latter of which I have now completed.

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Medusa Home Video Catalogue

There doesn’t appear to be a complete catalogue of titles for Medusa completists like myself anywhere on the internet. All of this information has been gathered by yours truly using tapes from my own collection and help from a private collectors forum.


There is a page at the very end dedicated to titles that I know are on this label but as of yet cannot work out the cat. numbers for. I will however update this page once a month with any new findings.

You will also notice that all Pegasus and New Dimension titles have also been added, and that’s down to the fact that they both, at one time or another, belonged to Medusa. Cobra Films (Nomad Riders) have recently been identified as being an off-shoot of this label too but strangely still used the MO numbering.

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