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The Pizazz label is something of a real curio. They appear to have only ever released one movie under the label’s name, a 1976 Italian crime movie called Risking (aka Pronto!, aka Meet Him and Die). The film was actually released as both a pre and post-cert on the same label.
The earlier release was from December ’83, and in connection with another label, Lunar. Lunar were not a label that lasted long in the video world and only released one other title in their own right – Nick the Sting.
Pizazz LogoThe plot thickens with the pre-cert release because this was actually manufactured and distributed by Medusa. The post-cert was not.

As there are no other known releases on the Pizazz label, be it pre or post-cert era, I can only assume that this label is now complete.

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