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Good friend, Wil (@AchinglyChic on Twitter), recently decided to make an action movie fanzine. He contacted me and kindly asked me to provide him with a few cover scans, and then gave me a little slot within the last few pages of the fanzine to showcase some trash-tastic action movies of the late 80s.

KILL YOU LAST! is a magazine about action movies and unloved cinema. Future issues may also cover other unloved genres. There’s probably going to be issues dedicated to dance films and films about dogs.


If you would like a copy of any of the issues listed you can order here.
Alternatively, you can email Wil directly at: email [email protected]

My cover scan contributions so far:

Issue #1 – Winter 2012

All content within the fanzine is written by Gary Penrice unless otherwise stated.
Gary Penrice is a pseudonym.

KILL YOU LAST! is published by Achingly Chic Press –

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