Loophole (1981)

This is an original piece of art for the Albert Finney film ‘Loophole’ (’81).
It is approximately half quad size and produced on board. I do not know whether it was produced for a cinema poster or for video, nor do I know who the artist was.

Visually, the piece is quite appealing, however it has 2 major fold marks, which run down the centre horizontally and vertically and a piece of acetate overlay which is stuck to the artwork.

Even so, it is a one of a kind piece and would look beautiful displayed.

Loophole - Original Artwork

Loophole - Original Artwork

Please note that this is not mine (if only!), it comes from a friends personal collection and I thought i’d share. In my opinion this is far too lovely to be sitting inside some box. He’s also currently listening to offers of over £80 for it.

Another simply stunning piece.

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