The Courier of Death – The Mockingbird Theatre, Birmingham

The next tape-tastic instalment I have to show the city of Birmingham is Tom Shaw’s VHS only masterpiece from 1984 – The Courier of Death. One of my favourite movies of all time, and one you can only find on videotape, sadly.
IMG_3625As with all my events, a VHS stall was run throughout which went down well. Sadly no director or actor intro could take place, but lord knows I tried.

This movie is one of the main reasons I started screening tapes. The idea is/was to showcase movies that had yet to see the light of day on DVD, Blu or even streaming services but more often than not you get caught up in the movies and just start showing what you think people want to see.

My thanks to those that made the trip out to support both the event and the movie. It truly is an under appreciated gem, and despite numbers being short on the ground, those that did come have been blessed.

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