Top 10 Movies of 2013

As predicted last year, my top 10 has been heavily influenced by my trip to Fantastic Fest in September with four films breaking into the list from that particular event. Admittedly, I have missed a lot of hyped releases this year and won’t get chance to catch up now until 2014, but it’s still a pretty solid top 10.
Mood Indigo

1: Mood Indigo
2: Frances Ha
3: Borgman
4: The Kings of Summer
5: Gravity
6: Short Term 12
7: The Way Way Back
8: The Spectacular Now
9: The Act of Killing
10: Blue Ruin

Honourable mentions:
Prisoners. Stories We Tell. The Dirties. Before Midnight. Big Bad Wolves. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons. Only God Forgives. Why Don’t You Play in Hell. Django Unchained. Oblivion. Warm Bodies. Wreck it Ralph. Trance. Pain & Gain.

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