VHS Haul (Freecycle)

On every available Sunday, I visit various car boot sales and markets around my area, gathering up as many films that I can on the worlds greatest format. I’ll usually come back from each trip with about 10-20 films, and spend no more than £3.
You can pretty much pick up a tape these days for around the 10p mark from most sensible sellers.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy any more for quite some time though, due to having zero space left in my Apartment. Unfortunately this all changed when I received an email the other week, informing me of some guy on Twitter who was throwing out his VHS collection to help create some space in his own house.
It didn’t take long for me to decide if I wanted them or not. The alternative was to see them tossed into the skip and then sent away to be destroyed. I don’t think I could have lived with myself had I taken up that particular option.

VHS Haul

I collected all of the tapes last Sunday afternoon, and below are a few pictures of what was inside the magic treasure chest of VHS:

I mainly collect pre-cert original tapes but I guess that in a few years time (maybe even sooner), VHS will have completely faded out from car boots, charity shops and market stalls everywhere. That would leave only eBay and Amazon as the two main places left to purchase them. I figure it’s best to stock up now on the mainstream titles and pre-certs (wherever possible) and store them in my library for a lifetime of movie watching. It’s very rare that I see any Betamax or Laserdiscs anywhere other than the internet, and I’m getting the feeling that VHS will soon follow suit.

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