Video Copy Kit

While clearly obsessed with the many cheaper looking off-shoot labels of the mid 80s, I am equally passionate about video fonts and logos in general.

A few years back I came across a video at a local car boot, but when I opened the box I was greeted by leads and instructions. This was no videotape. This was a video copy kit, allowing you to convert your beloved Betamax collection over to VHS, or back-up your wedding video to another (other memories are also welcome).
Copy Kit

You might consider┬áit odd to collect such obsolete material, but it’s not the connections or instructions i’m after, it’s the cover scans of the various box designs. Also, just why were these sent out in puffy video boxes? Seems strange considering no instructional tape ever accompanied the leads.
Bandridge Video Copy KitDixons Video KitPinnacle Video Copy KitLaskys Video Copy Kit

I also love the fact that a previous kit owner wasn’t content with the instructions given, that they took it upon themselves to write their own, much more clearer and precise instructions.

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