Medusa Home Video Catalogue

There doesn’t appear to be a complete catalogue of titles for Medusa completists like myself anywhere on the internet. All of this information has been gathered by yours truly using tapes from my own collection and help from a private collectors forum.


There is a page at the very end dedicated to titles that I know are on this label but as of yet cannot work out the cat. numbers for. I will however update this page once a month with any new findings.

You will also notice that all Pegasus and New Dimension titles have also been added, and that’s down to the fact that they both, at one time or another, belonged to Medusa. Cobra Films (Nomad Riders) have recently been identified as being an off-shoot of this label too but strangely still used the MO numbering.

1A 2A 3A 4A 5A

If you own any Medusa titles in your collection and notice that either the movie title or catalogue numbers aren’t listed, please email them to [email protected] and I shall update the site to suit.


Medusa Wants:

I am trying to complete all Medusa titles with the snake hair logo bearing the ‘MEDUSA HOME VIDEO’ brand, and these titles are numbered between MO026 and MO213 (or so I think).
The titles that I need to complete are:

MO043 – The New Mafia Boss
MO052 – Dance Fever
MO056 – Dance Music
MO057 – Houndcats & The Barkleys (Vol.2)
MO059 – Houndcats & The Barkleys (Vol.4)
MO060 – Houndcats & The Barkleys (Vol.5)
MO061 – Houndcats & The Barkleys (Vol.6)
MO100 – Young Lady Chatterley II
MO116 – Counterforce
MO141 – Shout at the Devil
MO183 – Burndown
MO184 – Java Burn

2 thoughts on “Medusa Home Video Catalogue

  1. James Bourke

    Fantastic page, I’ve been a huge fan of Medusa since my early teens(long gone now I may add) I used to work in video shops back in the early nineties, and the sheer joy of seeing all those Medusa Home Video movies on the shelves was a indeed a fantastic sight. Way too bad they decided to concentrate on the retail side of things back in the day ‘Harry The Horny Hypnotist’ is still a title that still haunts me.

    I still trawl through the car boot sale’s hoping to find any Medusa Big Box releases, especially the Stephen Hopkins directed ‘Dangerous Game’

    Anyway enough of my rambling, keep up the good work, if you wondered if any other fans existed out there in the world, you can count on me as one.


    1. Viva VHS Post author

      Thanks man. I really appreciate the kind words.
      Medusa will always be my favourite label. Amazing artwork, reversible sleeves, foil covers etc. The only thing they never covered was lenticular fronts.


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