VHS Haul: Garage Sale

While searching through ebay earlier on in the week I stumbled across a job lot of VHS which was for sale, the starting bid was 99p. After some careful consideration I set my price limit and left it in the hands of the VHS Gods. Luckily I won the lot for a little below my top offer, and seeing as though the seller was very close to me for collection, I don’t think I did too bad. The guy then emailed the next day and we agreed a collection date and time. On the same email it stated that he had a further 2-3,000 tapes in the garage that I could look through and select a few titles, and for free.
I was warned beforehand though that the garage contained nothing more than re-issues and certainly nothing of any interest for me. The trouble is, as any collector will tell you, it only takes that one tape…

He also had quite a few US cartons in there too but he said he wanted to keep them back so I looked no further. I couldn’t punish myself. I’d lalso ike to point out that the guy in question is a former collector of VHS and these tapes in his garage are the remains of a few old bulk deals on ebay. Chance purchases, if you will, in the hope that he could find some gems among them.

VHS Haul: Garage Sale

There are some great films below but there are also a lot of mainstream stuff. I mainly grabbed these due to their original cases but also for upgrades. There are still some post-certss in my collection which are in the smaller cases, something which bothers me no end. I upgrade when I can and for as cheap as possible.

In total I purchased just under 150 tapes today but I will only be sharing a third of them due to already owning the others, they were purchased simply for upgrading purposes and so have not been included. The odd double has been included though, just because they were great finds.

CED Videodiscs;
In addition to the VHS tapes that I snagged, the guy also told me that he had a large amount of CED Videodiscs that I was more than welcome to. These things weigh a ton and I can see why they never took off. The artwork is amazing though and who knows? I might one day find a CED player and then I can screen these stunners. The likelihood of that however is pretty slim, so expect them to form some sort of wall decoration in my house.

And I thought i’d hit a dry patch!

5 thoughts on “VHS Haul: Garage Sale

  1. explosiveaction

    Great haul. Got a few of those in Aussie equivalents myself, on the same labels like White Fire, Final Exam. A V2000 demo tape! Do you have a deck to play it?

  2. Viva VHS

    – I’ve never seen White Fire though I can agree that the cover art is spectacular, really blew me away. I’ll bump it now that you’ve recommended it.- Well that’s my second Final Exam tape, I picked it up just in case my other faulted. I love that V2000 tape but sadly don’t own a player. The guy said that he didn’t think the tape was ever released, just the cover and box. Quite rare. The only Aussie tape I own is How Sleep the Brave aka Combat Zone. My dad always raves about that movie.

  3. Helen

    Words can’t really express how very wrongly excited this post got me. I dream of a day when I might make such a miraculous find. Where I’d actually put them is irrelevant. I’d just do a play on the old Carrie Bradshaw move and store VHS in the oven. Who really needs to cook in the 21st Century anyway?

  4. Viva VHS

    Then you should definitely check out the other posts, especially The Greatest Haul of 2011, the first part anyway.I’m finding less and less space these days, the attic has over 600 titles up there too. I find VHS to be a great form of insulation. High R value.


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