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New Dimension

I make no secret of the fact that Medusa are far and away my favourite video label of all time. Not only great covers and lengthy pre-movie trailer reels, but also, for the most part, simply great movies.
It is in my research of the fabulous label that I discovered their many layers, and none more so than the connection to Guild Home Video. You see, Medusa and Guild cut a deal in November of 1986 that gave birth to the New Dimension label. “Guild’s added Dimension” was a sideline as spearheaded by Guild sales director Peter Johnson, who headed up this new venture. Johnson had been with Guild since day one.New Dimension Logo

Mr Johnson understood Medusa’s reliability in the market, and so effectively the product would not alter, with New Dimension retaining the appealing artwork. The distribution side of things was all done through Guild Home Video. Continue reading