Frontier (Guild Home Video)

The Frontier video label came to the UK market in 1986. The label was independently run but also a full-blown off-shoot of Guild Home Video, making it quite the oddity. Frontier were based at Crown House in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey (also home of Guild), and are believed to have only released seven titles in total, all within the first year of operation.

It has taken me a number of years to finally complete this label as a few of the titles are incredibly rare. The rarest being LA Streetfighters (aka Ninja Turf), which was directed by one half of the infamous Miami Connection team. This tape alone can command upwards of £30 online, on the very rare occasion that it actually turns up. In fact, most of the seven are pretty tough to track down.

Frontier Logo
The seven titles from Frontier are mapped out in the following order:

Sword of Heaven (Cat no. 8483)
Sword of Heaven

The Tomb (Cat no. 8488)The Tomb
American Commandos – 24th July 1986 (Cat no. 8489)American Commandos
Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain – 24th July 1986 (Cat no. 8490)

Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain

LA Streetfighters – 22nd May 1986 (Cat no. 8491)LA Streetfighters
Peace Killers – 26th June 1986 (Cat no. 8492)
Peace Killers

Caliber 357 – 26th June 1986 (Cat no. 8493)Caliber 357

Full page trade scans:

Frontier MarketingPeace Killers Caliber 357

I’d like to thank Kevin, a good friend of mine for helping me out with information on the label as well as the full page scans from various trade magazines.

6 thoughts on “Frontier (Guild Home Video)

  1. Omar

    Nice! Didn’t realize that Sword Of Heaven was such a rarity when I picked it up at the thrift store.

    1. Viva VHS Post author

      That was a great find. Caliber 357 and LA Streetfighters are the two main toughies.

  2. maurizio sabatini


    I am looking to purchase many big box videos from the 1980’s can you help me with a full list and I also looking for VIDEO TRADE WEEKLY Magazines…
    My name is Maurizio and I look forward to your reply..
    Many thanks

    1. Viva VHS Post author

      Hi Maurizio,

      You and I both. I don’t tend to sell many titles, only ever have a handful of spares for sale.


    2. Tony

      Hello Maurizio,
      I worked as a paste-up artist on Video Trade Weekly for many years during the 1980’s.
      I shall have a look in my loft as I’m sure I have a collection somewhere.
      Kind regards,
      [email protected]

  3. seb

    with me VHS is a very important to me besides family friends and vinyl records but when i started collecting age 12 (now 13) i have come across my first frontier video tape and it was american commandos and its got a amazing cover which was the reason when i saw it in tom Hodges book its so bad its funny jut you have to see to believe it

    1. Viva VHS Post author

      Frontier had some of the greatest covers, not always great material on the actual tape itself but the artwork! That one you picked up is a cracker. Keep up the collecting!


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