Frontier (Guild Home Video)

The Frontier video label came to the UK market in 1986. The label was independently run but also a full-blown off-shoot of Guild Home Video, making it quite the oddity. Frontier were based at Crown House in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey (also home of Guild), and are believed to have only released seven titles in total, all within the first year […]

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New Dimension

I make no secret of the fact that Medusa are far and away my favourite video label of all time. Not only great covers and lengthy pre-movie trailer reels, but also, for the most part, simply great movies. It is in my research of the fabulous label that I discovered their many layers, and none […]

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Never Too Young To Die – The Electric Cinema, Birmingham

Following on from last year’s screening of The Burning, I was once again invited to present another tape viewing at this year’s Shock & Gore Festival at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. With my selection being restricted to ‘Video Nasties’ last year, I was over the moon to get free rein for this one. I immediately drew up […]

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