Furious – The Mockingbird Theatre, Birmingham

The Mockingbird Theatre in Birmingham is looking like being my spiritual home for the foreseeable future, and the hope is to create a semi-regular VHS club. However, with work this could be a problem.
IMG_0129The next treat, and I do mean treat, that I had install for the good people of Birmingham is the 1984 oddity Furious. This movie blew my mind when I caught it a few years back, and I was even fortunate enough to screen it at The Prince Charles Cinema in London as part of the Martial Arts All-nighter. You can’t seem to shake what goes down in the relatively short run time for months afterwards, even years. Furious stays with you, lying dormant.

The usual VIva VHS ident played beforehand, and just like the London screening, I got good friend and Furious director Tim Everitt to provide a brief intro for the crowd. He always delivers the goods. A VHS sales was also on display before and after the screening, something I am going to continue as it always goes down well.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I do believe it recently received a DVD release so you simply must track it down and witness true magic.

Once again, like always, my thanks to everyone that came along to have their lives changed for the better.

Now, go home…

Go home.

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