Reinvested In Some Rare Tapes

After the success of the Gallery of Horror tape sale, I arranged to go back to the store to purchase some more but this time I was armed with a few hundred pounds. Unfortunately the guy still hadn’t had time to sort the entire room out but he did have considerably more on show than last time. The majority of the tapes he had were American and Japanese, with only a few British tapes among the piles. Time was not on my side so I quickly scanned the tapes and started making piles of the ones I was most interested in. After half an hour I had compiled over 40 tapes. I had to leave so many behind once again but I know I can get them whenever, as not many people know about this secret stash.

Because i’m cheeky, when the guy was away for a few brief moments I managed to take a few snaps of the US big boxes. I really would love to go back and own them all.
Some very rare titles indeed:

Reinvested In Some Rare Tapes

(Check out the signed Evilspeak tape)

I was then armed with the task of sorting through the 40+ tapes and selecting the best. There was no way I was leaving the SUPER VIDEO releases behind. As brittle as those titles are, the ones I bought are in fantastic condition. The artwork is delicately printed onto the clamshell case too, a very cool label that i’m going to start collecting. I think there are only around 32-36 titles but they’re all pretty rare. I’m very pleased with what I was able to pick up:

As you can see, there are some Spanish, Australian and a few other releases too. I posted pictures on the same collectors site as I did with Gallery of Horror and my inbox once again began to fill up with offers. I’ve already had an offer of £80 on The Abductors, £50 on Howlings of a Winter’s Night, £30 on Violent Blood Bath, and that’s just for starters. I’m in no need for extra cash though so i’m keeping these. I don’t make a habit of selling tapes. That Island of Death on Star Video is also mega rare as it’s the uncut Australian release. I’m led to believe that other countries only ever released it in its cut version.

I’m very pleased with my finds as these tapes don’t come up very often, and it’s also nice to know that I have first pick.

5 thoughts on “Reinvested In Some Rare Tapes

  1. Danno Baker

    I’m so very envious of your collection. The box scans are all gold. Requesting snaps of some of the box backs.

  2. Neilofsteel

    Please tell me you bought that signed Evilspeak tape! I would buy a book of these pictures, these titles are much more exciting than some of the stuff in Portable Grindhouse. (okay, some of them are in Portable Grindhouse.)

  3. Viva VHS

    Danno – Thanks. I’ll try and get some of those backs up the next time I have chance.Neilofsteel – Sadly I never picked up that tape, was unsure over the signature. Looking back now it appears genuine enough. I also have that Portable Grindhouse book, basic titles if you ask me, nothing groundbreaking. Robocop 3?!


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